About ATH

About us

Asian Technology Hub (ATH) is the Skill Development & Research Arm of Asian Technology Solutions. ATH was founded by Professionals and leaders from wide spectrum of industries to build successful learning solutions. Asian Technology Hub (ATH) has been formed with a strong focus to provide world’s best learning experience to its customers. With our extensive training research team and our IT domain experience has made us to come up with courses which are most sought out by IT companies. We strongly believe that "We build a sustainable career". ATH offers Corporate, virtual, classroom and self-paced training in a wide variety of formats to match today’s learner needs.


Our mission is “To provide well-rounded solutions that cater to every business and Industry, by utilising top of the line skills of our industry subject matter experts at each stage of solution designing, with a keen on the "Return On Investment" expectations of our clients. “Be the best and most preferred partner for learning services across the Globe”. "We build a sustainable career".

Our Origins and Story


Asian Technology Hub (ATH) is the Skill Development & Research Arm of Asian Technology Solutions(ATS). Based on our experience in Consulting and Staffing , we observed there is a lot of gap between the industry expectations and Skills of the engineers. This skill gap is especially huge for the Fresh Graduates from Small Colleges.

To address this issue, we have established Asian technology Hub to train students on the latest technologies to jump start their career and confidently progress in their jobs

CEO Dr G. Gopalarao